July 1, 2020

Virtual & Face to Face Classroom Training Programmes

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM Training: All Management Suite of programmes are available as Virtual Classroom Based training. Typically the 1 – 2-Day programmes are delivered as structured laser sessions of 60-90 minutes duration. All Personal Development programmes are available as short 1/2 or 1-Day training based delivered as structured laser sessions of 30- 60 minutes. FACE TO […]

Performance has Power

A conscious decision to raise our performance level has considerable power when followed through with supporting actions. The 4-Step PDCA Model, used over my Quality Assurance career, is a practical tool to engage. Its application puts us on a path of continuous process improvement; success achieved through its continuous forward momentum. The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle application […]

June 19, 2020

Performance on Purpose

‘Performance on Purpose’ BLOG Issue 19th June 2020 When last refreshing my Performance Management programme late 2019 I was reminded of a topic I am passionate about: ‘Performance on Purpose’. All programmes from then on include my quote on this subject and a brief  reflection on the importance of knowing our ‘why’ or our ‘purpose’. […]

April 22, 2020

Retirement Ready Seminar

22 April – Fantastic seminar today on Retirement Ready ( Thrive in Your Third Act) – well done to all participants who logged in and contributed greatly to success on the seminar – feedback on benefits experienced were very much appreciated. Day 2 tomorrow at 4pm Irish time Zoom ID 487 697 413 – important […]

April 9, 2020

Time for Some Serious Questions Women Executives 50+

Time for Some Serious Questions for Women Executives 50+ Women Executives 50+ do you answer yes to any of these questions: Do you lack direction? Has your confidence taken a dip? Do you feel disillusioned? Do you ask yourself ‘Where to next?’ even after your successful career of 25+ years? Do you feel stuck in […]

October 1, 2018

Care of Leadership Programme – 16th October 2018

There are still some places still available for the Care of Leadership Programme.  This programme has been described as a paradigm shift in leadership thinking. To maximise your effective in making behavioural changes join our 6-month programme now. Contact : 087 2771317 or email@ info@mcgarryconsulting.ie for further details.

September 7, 2018

C.A.R.E. of Leadership Programme – 16th October 2018

Leadership Context:  Improving leadership development was identified as the most important human resource priority in a survey of 5,561 executives spread over 109 countries (Stack et al., 2010). IBM’s Global Business Services (2008) survey on human capital issues identifies the lack of leadership capability as one of the top workforce challenges, with 75% of companies […]

Effective Performance Management Programme – 18th September 2018

Join us on the 1 Day Effective Performance Management Programme to bring your skills to the next level in creating a motivating environment where your team are highly energised and engaged in consistent goal delivery essential to the success of a business. In order to do this, business owners/managers need to be suitable skilled. Clear […]

July 20, 2017

2nd book launch – Galway , 06 April 17 at Dubray Books, Shop Street, Galway.

Friends and business community well were presented and we have a fabulous evening at Dubray’s on 06 April 2017.  

March 30, 2017

Book Launch – Limerick City Gallery of Art

Care of Leadership  Launch on 30th March at Limerick City Gallery of Art. What a wonderful milestone in my career – there was a wide attendance of well wishers across a broad spectrum of businesses – pharmaceutical, medical devices, legal, university, education ….. Professor Michael Morley officially launched ‘ Care of Leadership’ providing excellent insights […]