September 7, 2018

C.A.R.E. of Leadership Programme – 16th October 2018

Leadership Context:  Improving leadership development was identified as the most important human resource priority in a survey of 5,561 executives spread over 109 countries (Stack et al., 2010). IBM’s Global Business Services (2008) survey on human capital issues identifies the lack of leadership capability as one of the top workforce challenges, with 75% of companies indicating that building leadership talent is a significant challenge (Day et al, 2009).  This is particularly worrying as in the US 25% of organisations’ annual spend on learning and development is targeted at leadership development (O’Leonard, 2010).’
‘Care of Leadership represents a paradigm shift in leadership thinking ….detailing behaviours of a leader start with self awareness and mindfulness, which is then used to influence others… The central theme is that being a leader is a choice and the whole leadership journey is a set of mini choices. Therefore the leader has control over every aspect of the journey…’ 
John J. Barron, M.D, Reagecon Ltd.
 Care of Leadership Programme Overview:  Care of Leadership  is a unique, highly engaging and practical programme using a coaching style approach. It is skill development and its focus is directed at the slower development of core leadership qualities and behaviour change interventions. The programme spans a 6-month period with a 1 day per month commitment. Between class days attendance exercises and  assignments are undertaken in the work environment. Care of Leadership invites leaders to take charge of their own development. The programme places a particular emphasis on the social context of leadership.
Who could benefit from this programme?  Some of the pain that managers have felt in their leadership role include:
I was hired and promoted for my professional qualifications and experience.  Leading teams is secondary, isn’t it?
I don’t have direct reports and I still  need to engage others to get the required work done. Why am I having very little impact?
How can I really switch on my team to fully engage and deliver consistently on the required objectives?
What is that sinking feeling I get after my interactions with some members of my team?
Why do I feel some members resent  doing their job and only deliver in a half-hearted way?
Why am I spending more time fixing people issues in my already overloaded schedule?
Why is it that despite my best efforts to treat everyone the same I receive widely varying results from my team?
Why am I doubting my ability to lead? Why do I feel like throwing in the towel?
If you can identify with any of the above this programme will be highly beneficial to you.
Benefits from the programme include:  Greater self confidence and enhanced leadership; Greater team engagement with leader; Greater decision making and problem solving capacities; Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism; Enhanced working environment and an  Organisation culture more open and trusting
Programme Content:
Month 1 : Purpose, Power and Performance
Month 2: Identity (Leader) 
Month 3: Hope and Seeking Out(feedback and opportunities to learn) and Self-Esteem;
Month 4: Responsibility and Results. Separate module on Emotional Intelligence and the associated 25 competence framework.
Month 5 : Development and delegation. Separate module on Accountability and Goal Achievement;
Month 6: Energy of Emergence ( including enthusiasm, ego and essence). Separate module on Leading (as a choice), Listening, Looking and Learning
Included: 1:1 Coaching sessions (x2), Care of Leadership Book and course materials.
Fee: 3,250 Euro per participant. 
Programme Dates:  Oct 16, Nov 27, Dec 18, 2018 and Jan 15, Feb 12 and Mar 12 2019.        
Venue: The Sanctuary, Kilcornan,  Clarinbridge, Co. Galway, 
Places limited to 10. Book by contacting Ann on 087 2771317 or email







Ann Mcgarry


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