About McGarry Consulting

Ann McGarry is Managing Director of Ann McGarry Organisation and Personal Development Consultancy Ltd and a human development consultant with over fifteen years’ experience. She provides quality consultancy services to the highly regulated pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors. In addition her training programmes and coaching act as catalysts, developing talent and unleashing potentials in both teams and individuals thereby creating added value to organisations.

Prior to setting up her consultancy practice she held senior quality assurance roles in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors for twenty years, with staff development forming a significant part of her role. She extends her consultancy services through leadership programmes and executive and personal coaching in both the public and private sectors in Ireland and the UK.

Her lecturing experience includes the University of Limerick, NUI Galway, Galway–Mayo Institute of Technology and European Business Institute, delivering on human resource development, supervisory management, quality management and wellness topics.

McGarry Consulting provides tailored solutions in the following areas:

  1. Quality Consultancy Services
    1. Support for Quality Systems
    2. Auditing – internal or vendor
    3. Training – GMPs, FDA, ISO, Internal Quality Auditor, Technical Report Writing, Deviation Investigation Management, Process Management
  2. Training & Development and Coaching
    1. Leadership: “Care of Leadership” – the programme
    2. Management Development & Team Building Programmes
    3. Personal Effectiveness Programmes
    4. Executive & Team Coaching
    5. Wellbeing Programmes
  3. Book Publications
    1. ‘Care of Leadership’ – a practice for developing leadership effectiveness
    2. Future titles in the ‘Care of’ series include; ‘Care of the Quality Professional’, ‘Care of Wellness’

About ‘Care of Leadership’ – The Book

“This outstanding book represents a paradigm shift in leadership thinking”
– John Barron, MD Reagecon Diagnostics Ltd.

Care of Leadership is designed to support current and future leaders. This book adopts leading edge practices to leadership development: the social context is pivotal to leadership development. Leaders are invited to journey and take charge of their own development by engaging with the core qualities essential to leadership effectiveness. It is the first in a series of ‘Care of’ business and personal development publications and supporting programmes. READ MORE HERE

About Ann McGarry

Ann McGarry is the principle consultant, coach & trainer. Her purpose and overarching goal in life is to grow and evolve utilising her gifts and talents to the fullest potential as a Human Development Consultant. And in doing so help individuals and businesses to awaken to their potential in realising their dreams and goals.

Ann’s technical qualifications include:

BSc. In Chemistry (NUI Galway)
Qualified Person (EU requirement for Pharmaceutical Sector for commercial product release) (Irish Medicines Board)
Diploma in Industrial Management (DIT)
Certificate in Quality Management (IMI)
Certificate – Lead Quality Auditor (P.E. Batalas)
Certificate – Lead Environmental Auditor (P.E. Batalas)

Ann’s qualifications in Training & Development include:
MSc in Work and Organisational Behaviour (UL)
Diploma in Training and Development (I.I.T.D.)
Diploma in Professional Counselling (ICI)
Certificate in Stress Management Counselling (Stress Mgt. Institute of Ireland)

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: @CareOfCoach
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annmcgarry/
Email: col@mcgarryconsulting.ie

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