Life is hectic today. We are constantly juggling the many and varied demands in our lives and work. ‘Being present’ can bring peace and calm in the midst of the stressful, hectic day.

Just ‘Being Present’ seems like a simple answer. You may even dismiss it saying ‘But am I not always present? Where else would I be? We all too often skip the present moment, spending a lot of our time living in the past (with its regrets etc.) or in the future (with its worry and uncertainty). The secret to life is living in the present moment.

So, we need to become consciously aware of ourselves and where we are spending our time. Living in the Now, the Present Moment is the art of Mindfulness.

We need initially to put a bit of effort in and train ourselves into the habit of Being Present.

The ‘Being Present’ 5-Day Challenge (21-25 Sept) which I am hosting and the preparation meeting on 18th Sept 9.00 over zoom introduces a sample of easy to use exercises and techniques to build the habit of ‘Being Present’ in our day; bringing more peace and calm.  By the practice of paying attention and bring awareness to every aspect of what we are doing, to our body, to our senses, to our thoughts and emotions will bring us  to this state of peace.

‘Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet’. Thich Nhat Hahn.

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Best wishes, Ann