Care of Leadership – THE BOOK

“This outstanding book represents a paradigm shift in leadership thinking”
– John Barron, MD Reagecon Diagnostics Ltd.

Care of Leadership is designed to support current and future leaders. This book adopts leading edge practices to leadership development: the social context is pivotal to leadership development. Leaders are invited to journey and take charge of their own development by engaging with the core qualities essential to leadership effectiveness. It is the first in a series of ‘Care of’ business and personal development publications and supporting programmes.

Why is Care of Leadership different to what you have read before?

  1. Care of Leadership presents the reassuring message that leadership CAN be taught.
  2. Care of Leadership places an emphasis on the social context of leadership. This is the exchange between the leader and the follower which underscores the importance of having a good match between both parties and on the images they hold of what constitutes a good leader.
  3. The innovative use of C.A.R.E. (Conscious Awareness & Reflective Exercise) as a coaching style approach sets Care of Leadership apart. The author has identified ten core qualities critical to developing leadership effectiveness. A series of provocative questions entices the leader to deepen awareness of interactions with followers. The leader then has an opportunity to reflect on the impact and whether change is needed. The hallmark of leadership is choosing to commit to action.

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“My purpose and overarching goal in life is to grow and evolve utilising my gifts and talents to the fullest potential as a Human Development Consultant. And in doing so help individuals and businesses to awaken to their potential in realising their dreams and goals.” Ann McGarry

Ann has extensive experience in the highly-regulated sectors: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Medical Device, where she held managerial roles for 20 years before setting up her own consultancy company in 2001. In her consultancy practice Ann works with leaders, teams and executives to tap into their talents, unleashing their full potential and maximising impact on organisational goals.

Care of Leadership programmes draw inspiration from Ann’s extensive years of business experience and a lifetime of personally developing herself as a leader. Ann combines research, experience and leading methodologies in her high energy programmes, changing people’s lives and businesses. Regardless of where you are currently on YOUR leadership journey now, you will benefit from this book & supporting programmes, helping you to unleash the ultimate leader within.

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