June 19, 2020

Performance on Purpose

‘Performance on Purpose’ BLOG Issue 19th June 2020

When last refreshing my Performance Management programme late 2019 I was reminded of a topic I am passionate about: ‘Performance on Purpose’. All programmes from then on include my quote on this subject and a brief  reflection on the importance of knowing our ‘why’ or our ‘purpose’. I realise it is a profound question; one that merits more attention than just a few lines in this blog. It is a question that behoves us to ask it of ourselves as individuals, within our lives and also within our roles in business.  

COVID 19 is a powerful force. It is creating a global pause, one which provides the opportunity for inward reflection. Availing of this introspection leads us to deeper questions. One of the most profound of these relates to that of performance and its connection to our Purpose (our ‘Why’). This question provides the lens for us to review and reflect on our performance on a personal level, career and work life. From an organisational level it is equally valid to ask of businesses to reconnect with their ‘purpose’ or why they were established. Alignment on our ‘Purpose’ frequency provides us with a compass, to navigate the challenges and stay true to ourselves.

Businesses lucky to survive the pandemic are awaiting  the entry to the Post COVID 19 eras.  How many will think of resuming operations as they did  pre-COVID 19? Such a course of action may prove short sighted. The pause created the opportunity to reflect on feedback received from many sources. These included customer complaints, satisfaction surveys, staff suggestions and business sector best practice guidelines and innovations. Have businesses now planned action for improvement? Taking measures in bringing performance to the next level is prudent. Being on a path of continuous incremental improvement is a safe course. Customers post COVID 19 have re-emerged more discerning than before. I believe they will be expecting to be ‘WOOED’ and ‘WOWED’; expecting higher level of performance from all. Connecting to our Purpose provides motivation for higher Performance.  

Yes. Performance Matters.      

Ann McGarry , 19th June 2020

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Ann Mcgarry


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