April 9, 2020

Time for Some Serious Questions Women Executives 50+

Time for Some Serious Questions for Women Executives 50+

Women Executives 50+ do you answer yes to any of these questions:

Do you lack direction? Has your confidence taken a dip? Do you feel disillusioned? Do you ask yourself ‘Where to next?’ even after your successful career of 25+ years? Do you feel stuck in a job that you don’t like? Are you confused as to what you want?

In the face of Covid 19 – it seems that we have been given time to focus inwardly and reflect on our life and career. This could be a golden opportunity for us to take stock; to ask of ourselves how happy and content are we with our life and career. With a bit of luck we will get through this current crisis, come out the far side and see our life extend for 30+ years.

It is good to be clear about what we want in life, and more importantly why we want it. Life is very precious. Finding the answers to these questions matters because each of us is a unique human being and we have been gifted with talents. We have a lot to offer. Just imagine living a life where we are playing to our strengths, truly engaged and excited about life. Is this not what we deserve?

If these few paragraphs has stirred up ‘stuff’ I am here to support you as you discover and connect with what matters most in your life.

Call me on +353 87 2771317 or email info@mcgarryconsulting.ie to book a free 30 mins. consult or join the zoom meeting details below.


Ann Mcgarry


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