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Management Development & Leadership Training

Leadership (Care of Leadership: A practice for Developing Leadership Effectiveness programme is delivered as classroom based, live zoom training or online programme). 

 ‘Care of Leadership’ Leadership is a key topic in business today. Taking a unique and practical approach, Care of Leadership is a personal development practice in developing leadership effectiveness. It is designed to enable leaders to unleash their potential, creating change and forward momentum in their leadership role. It invites leaders to take charge of their own development. This 6 month programme is based on ‘Care of Leadership’ Ann McGarry’s first book with ten core topics – including identity, purpose, responsibility, emotional intelligence and leading – conscious awareness and reflective exercises (CARE) are used as a provocative treatment of the essential qualities in the development of effective leadership, embracing the whole leader.  This is a 6-month programme with a 1 day per month commitment.

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Management Development

This training programme focuses on the management skills needed to perform the day to day management of operations. The skills include: communication, planning and goal setting, time management, team building, motivation, coaching, managing performance and development,.

Team Building

This training programme is aimed at enhancing a manager’s effectiveness in building successful teams from both a people and a task viewpoint to ensure that the team’s effectiveness is greater than the sum of the individual parts. This programme focuses on the role of the leader and the importance of motivating and developing the individuals, moulding them to work effectively as a team fully committed to the common goals.

The key to its success is cultivating an environment of openness and trust as a team culture whilst remaining focused on the achievement of the goals.

Performance Management (classroom based, live zoom training or online programmes, customised to meet your specific requirements). 

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Performance management is an essential tool to help manage staff performance in accordance with the goals set to achieve the desired organizational results. The process consists of developing and agreeing an individual’s goals which are directly linked to organizational goals, monitoring the performance at regular intervals through a review meeting and addressing any issues to where an individual’s goals are not on track. Finally a formal yearly review that includes an individual development plan is required. This is a 2 way process for the manager and the direct report.
This programme is aimed at building participant’s confidence and coaching skills (communication, reaching agreement, and motivation) in effectively managing the appraisal process.

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Stress Management for Managers

This training programme addresses stress that managers may be facing themselves as well as that of their team. Stress is the enemy of solutions, innovation and creativity. The new currency for being ahead of the wave is being able to successfully ride the seas of uncertainty and change. On this course manager’s explore and experience practical tools and techniques to support them in addressing the day to day work issues. Through these tools managers can reduce stress levels both for themselves and their teams thus becoming more creative and innovative in finding effective solutions in their business day.

Personal Effectiveness Training

Our suite of programmes include

Assertiveness Skills (1- Day)

Fundamental to effective interpersonal interaction is assertiveness skills. Disagreements will always arise but the key is managing the issue without damaging relationships. This programme addresses communication styles in particular: assertiveness, how to say ‘No’, the challenge of anger and managing conflict. There is a strong emphasis on the keys to becoming a highly effective person and self-management. Through this highly interactive programme you will learn how to handle difficult communication situations professionally & compassionately.

Effective Presentation Skills (2-Day)

This training programme equips participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle any presentation using any medium. Participants will significantly enhance their skills to deliver dynamic, persuasive presentations that are clear & concise.

This programme provides the skills needed to plan and deliver polished presentations with confidence while handling the “nerves”. The vital section of handling Q&A is addressed.

Over the 2 Days practical techniques are taught to communicate and reinforce your message. The practical sessions built into this programme provide participants with opportunity to deliver both individual and group presentations.

Report Writing ( 1-Day)

Writing reports for some can be a daunting process. This course is designed to teach participants a systematic and logical approach to preparing documents so that they can write better reports, quicker and with less stress.

Write reports which get you noticed and increase your influence.

Maximising Meeting Effectiveness (1/2 Day)

In today’s busy work environment much time is taken up at meetings. A usual tip is to stop and ask whether the meeting is necessary. If the answer to that question is “yes” then it needs to be followed with “how effective are the meetings?”

This programme is aimed at bringing greater efficiencies into the meeting process. Participants will maximize their effectiveness in the management of the meeting through having a clear purpose, organising and managing the actual meeting, while ensuring effective documentation and follow up.

Effective Interviewing Skills (1-Day)

The Right Fit is critical in the recruitment process – the right person for the right job. Personnel involved with recruitment and selection are aware that the strength and success of any team relies on the quality of its member & their interaction within the team.

This programme is designed to assist participants with the necessary guidelines & practical techniques on the most effective way of managing the recruitment and selection process

Train the Trainer (2-Day or 3-Day)

Train the Trainer is developed on a systematic training model. It is designed to enable participants develop & enhance their techniques as trainers bringing them into higher levels of confidence and effectiveness essential for the continued development and success of any organization.

This course focuses on specific areas which will develop participant’s communication, presentation and personal effectiveness skills enabling them to meet the training objective of imparting information in a professional manner to colleagues through any relevant medium and become an excellent trainer.

Demonstrations and Presentations form the practical aspects to this programme. They are a vital element of the programme to support the learning taught on preparing training programmes, developing the content and training methods to match the programme objectives and the trainees.

A comprehensive Toolkit is also provided to equip participants with the necessary tools to deliver effective training in their own organisation.

Customer Relationship Management (1-Day)

This programme is designed for professionals wishing to develop and improve the vital skills needed to deliver consistent excellent customer care. People do business with people they like. Building relationships is the key to customer care. It is the core element to a successful business whether this is face to face or on the phone with customers.

This programme enhances participant’s skills by enabling them to diagnose problems, deliver solutions and enable customers to re-use their company’s products and services.

Role play is an essential element of this programme.

Time Management

Effective use of time is vital but equally important is where you are spending your time. What are you focusing on? Are you driven by urgency or important things? This programme is both thought provoking and practical. It focuses on getting greater clarity on values and priorities, understanding the difference between importance and urgency and developing a systemised approach to managing blocks. It also emphasizes the importance of empowering staff and building relationships. It provides useful tips on paper, phone call and meeting management.

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